High Crimes In Lo-Fi

   They Can't Kill Us All

   GYPSY Dancer

   Down The Rabbit Hole

   Cheap Lipstick

How 'BOut You?

Ain't Comin' Back Alive

Stereo 102

Dumpster Fires And Trainwrecks

You Nuke Me

Rat Bastard



    American Idle, Vol. 1

     Dead City Blues

   Where The Sun Don't Shine

   It Ain't Pretty (Bein' Easy)

   Crooked Like Chicago

    We Has Seen The Enemy

   Droppin' Bombs On Babylon



     The Singles

     Generation Nowhere

     This Ain't The Summer of Love

     Sorry 'Bout The Noise

     Hell Yeah

      Locked and Loaded

     Full 'Mental Jacket (EP)

     She's Dangerous

   I Do It All For Rock 'N' Roll

   Streets of Time

   Just Do It

   Crystal Web

   It's About To Get Loud

    Get Off Our Lawn: A Rock and Roll Testimonial (album)

   Tick Tick Boom

   I Don't Want To Feel This

   She Wouldn't Shut Up

   You're Not The Only One

   Say It Loud

   It's Good To Be Me

   I'm Not Afraid


   Guess Who's Not Invited?

   See Me Around

   'Mentals Theme